pynmea version 0.6.0 has just been released over at google code and is also pip installable.

Major changes are the addition of a NMEAStream object that allows files to be streamed in, and either a list of nmea objects or nmea sentences as strings returned. This should make it much easier to develop NMEA / GPS applications without the hassle of having to parse the input to and output from the library. There is now also some documentation and an example for the basic usage of the library. Hopefully the examples and documentation will grow as the library itself becomes more mature.


Bad implementation always trumps good ideas

19 September 2015 11:34 a.m.

Good practice in software development has always preached loose coupling and high cohesion.

While most developers understand this and try ...

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New platform, new challenges

13 September 2015 19:13 p.m.

There was a question raised by a collegue of mine recently, that asked "How long should it take to get ...

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SaltStack and Vagrant

14 February 2013 15:14 p.m.

Salt is an open source infrastructure management tool. While one use is to manage thousands of servers, it’s also very ...

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