Recently I found that some Internet services were broken on my friends home connection. After some digging around I found that his connection was being hijacked by Virgin Media whenever a target server did not exist. Rather than following basic Internet protocols Virgin Media hijack the connection so that they can advertise themselves and sponsored websites rather than allowing the connection to fail like it should. So I tried to use their ‘opt out’ link in order to restore some sanity. I found a 404 error page instead. After much Googling it seems that the link that they provide has been out of order for much of the life of the ‘service’. The link they provide is: However, there is hope for anyone finding a 404 error at the provided link to still manage to opt out. Try going to instead as this link worked just fine for me and my friend (notice the http rather than https). No more broken Internet!


Bad implementation always trumps good ideas

19 September 2015 11:34 a.m.

Good practice in software development has always preached loose coupling and high cohesion.

While most developers understand this and try ...

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New platform, new challenges

13 September 2015 19:13 p.m.

There was a question raised by a collegue of mine recently, that asked "How long should it take to get ...

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SaltStack and Vagrant

14 February 2013 15:14 p.m.

Salt is an open source infrastructure management tool. While one use is to manage thousands of servers, it’s also very ...

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