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Good practice in software development has always preached loose coupling and high cohesion.

While most developers understand this and try to keep to it, sometimes even seasoned professionals get carried away with an idea, quite often ending up in the creation of a big ball of mud. This will not only take the buggy part of the application down, but can make the entire stack unavailable.

It's important to understand how these situations start in order to identify them early and bring development back on track.

Don't try and be clever

Trying to create something that's really clever is quite often the beginning of a stupid situation. Yes, creating dynamic navigation menus that are generated directly from the CMS may sound like a marvelous idea, after all, the client wants to be able to create new pages and control their content. However, it's far too easy to create a bad implementation that ends in pain and misery for the development team if steps are not taken to make sure that the way the solution is being developed is also appropriate.

A ticking bomb

Several years ago, just this type of implementation was created. We cautioned the team doing the development ...

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New platform, new challenges

13 September 2015 19:13 p.m.

There was a question raised by a collegue of mine recently, that asked "How long should it take to get ...

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SaltStack and Vagrant

14 February 2013 15:14 p.m.

Salt is an open source infrastructure management tool. While one use is to manage thousands of servers, it’s also very ...

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IE8 DOM update failure

10 July 2012 15:35 p.m.

The Problem

Adding things into the DOM in IE8 was going horribly wrong. Updating a segment of code after an ...

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